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   March 1999

01: dream of Diana - I dream we've been going out for a long time and are already sick of each other.
02: entrusting the further articulation - What the new vice president of marketing does with his demands before ducking into a meeting.
03: more punk rock than any bastard son of Iggy Pop - Kim and I watch it while at an Ocean Beach sushi bar.
04: big anomaly in the sky - Also, more unnerving feelings of uncontrollable changes afoot at work.
05: not the same old thing - Erotic thoughts about Ludmilla the Brazilian girl.
06: torn by demands - I wake up and realize how cluttered my life has become with demands and it poisons the entire day.
07: back in school - A Sunday lesson taught at, uh, work.
08: the grind - Work becomes much more like work.
09: electric fountain - Work is better, and Kim is under such stress she goes and buys an electric fountain.
10: a slack moment - An instance of reader feedback.
11: Neville Brothers disagreement - Kim and I fight about this boring New Orleans funk band.
12: standards of massage - Kim's friend Cindy gives me a massage that evokes Kim's jealousy reflex.
13: cheap made-for-VCR documentary - Kurt and Courtney and El Duce too.
14: looks like this place has been discovered - The movie Contact, Microsoft Personal Web Server, and breakfast at a quaint little Ocean Beach Mexican place.
15: public transportation in the rain - Also- There's Something About Mary.
16: Truman Show - I preferred Sudden Recall by Schwarzenegger.
17: Green Beer and Bushmills - Partying with the co-workers and someone resembling Cameron Diaz.
18: reinventing the wheel along the way - As I program wonderful new applications, I occasionally re-invent the wheel. Why that's not always so terrible.
19: database cancer - This happens at the meat market known as Club Montage as we're play cupid for DBA Kevin and the German girl.
20: pigeons on the pier - The scene from the Ocean Beach pier stretches off to the bend in the Earth.
21: difficult solitude - Kim's friends come over and doing work becomes impossible.
22: rash of firings - I get the bulk of a website done for a paying client after another surreal day at work.
23: support from below - The Director of Web Development's job is spared from the ongoing wave of firings.
24: Rock and Roll forever - Adolescent music is self-revitalizing.
25: bullying people with kindness - That strange place where the cheesiest aspects of California meet the cheesiest aspects of the internet.
26: zero carbohydrate alcohol - Jenna the German girl at Kevin's place.
27: salvaged margaritas - Kim and I walk around in Old Town.
28: between her and the Holocaust - Catty comments about Jenna the German girl.
29: viral malaise - The day sucks as I fall ill.
30: excessive mucous production - Also, my email list explodes.
31: out like a Southern California mountain lion - Concerning a strange California cold wave.