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Sunday, October 4 2009
At some point I went into town, mostly to get roofing nails and a re-up of cheap booze. It turns out that it's not easy to obtain the galvanized nails with the rubber washers that self-seal against the ridges of roofing. I went into Herzogs and asked if they had any and they had no idea what I was talking about — mind you, I was looking for the kind of nail that I've used in all my roofing projects since 1982. Eventually I did find the correct nails at Home Depot (which was a relief; when I looked for this kind of nail at Home Depot back in the early winter when I was installing the greenhouse roof, all they had were aluminum nails with washers).
It didn't take long to put up the 30 square feet of roofing, although I had difficulty hitting the unusually-spaced rafters (on 20 inch centers) through the decking. I'd selected fully-corrugated metal roofing to give me ridges all the way across the roof, but the spacing of those ridges proved a bit wide.

This evening, I put together a complicated wooden object that would fit atop the outhouse roof ridge and support the weight of the Purple Martin house impaled above it. I took some photographs.

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