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   warm rains of October
Saturday, October 24 2009
Rain fell all last night and through most of today, coming occasionally as hard showers. But I didn't let this keep me from continuing work on the brownhouse. I cut pieces of small-crossectional lumber to serve as pseudo-ceiling-joists and prepared many more bags of pine needles of various sizes to stuff into the the remaining voids of the brownhouse attic, filling it nearly completely. In its center under the ridge the R-value probably exceeds 30, though as insulation pine needles are probably not as good as glass wool.
Later I cut pieces of OSB for the east and west interior walls. Like most people, I'm skeptical of OSB and other particleboard technologies despite their rigidity and strength. I think OSB looks like crap, like a simulation or stand-in for something more substantial. Up in the laboratory, the floor surface is simply OSB subfloor, but I've covered it with many layers of paint and several layers of polyurethane in hopes of fooling the eye into not noticing its cheap flaked surface. My plan for the brownhouse is to "float" over the OSB with drywall compound to make it smooth, and then to paint it with some warm color suitably-appropriate for the ultimate crapatorium.
By this evening, the rainy outdoors had become warmer than the indoors, and our windows were covered with translucent silver condensation on their outsides. I threw open the doors in hopes of harvesting some of that seasonally-rare environmental heat, which is much easier to gather than the photosynthetic kind that winds up in the boles of dead trees.

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