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   October 2009

01: two by fours by the foot - The long boards I needed to stabilize roofing being transported were perfect stock for my nonstandard studs.
02: film festival party, 2009 - A party at Skytop near Kingston.
03: the virtue of cheap booze - Another reason to drink the rot gut.
04: 30 square feet - I put a metal roof on my outhouse.
05: PVC, meet mortar - Also, the dreadful movie entitled the Invention of Lying.
06: paint procrastination - The way I work, and restoring a big beautiful Purple Martin house.
07: a need for southern and eastern limits - Installing a birdhouse on a windy day and fearing for the dangers posed by a sickly tree.
08: DVD doodles and prison - Why I carry bizarrely-decorated DVDs with me into prison.
09: project inflection point - Feeling better about my remote gig.
10: pepper on everything - I buy a salt shaker and powdered red pepper.
11: two levels of brownhouse - And I add a window for the brownhouse basement.
12: down payment on the cleaning jihad - Also, the baby gets a steroid injection.
13: defacatory funzone door - Giving a sliding closet door a conventional knob.
14: brownhouse door - Also, Gretchen's parents arrive.
15: interfaces and metaphor - Railing against Microsoft interface changes and a popular digest of cutting-edge particle physics.
16: like some kind of goddamn BLT - Defacatory habits and another failed East Coast burrito experience.
17: east wall shit hatch - It's the shape of an upside-down mirror-image Utah.
18: imagining a shitslide - Sealing up the brownhouse completely.
19: poop hole, as opposed to shit hatch - I cut a hole between the brownhouse cabin and the its basement decomposition room.
20: vegan Japanese in Stone Ridge - Also, a vegan BLT in High Falls and lots of lady beetles at Eastern Correctional Facility.
21: stainless steel or MDF - The best bench surface for a crapatorium.
22: classical concert in prison - Gretchen and I attend a performance by the Bard College student orchestra.
23: pine needle insulation - Running low on fiberglass, I hit on an idea for a free form of insulation.
24: warm rains of October - And stuffing the final pine needles into the brownhouse attic.
25: party timing rule of thumb - People (for subconscious karmic reasons if nothing else) tend to drift in to the parties of the non-punctual.
26: bulging HDPE cistern - The problem with thin-walled rectangular cisterns.
27: cistern support - The battle of the bulge and supporting 256 pounds without eating into headroom.
28: brownhouse cistern installed - And I even fill it with water to see if it works.
29: cylinder through a wall at an angle - Bringing cylinder math to carpentry through Wolfram Alpha.
30: black stack - I build the brownhouse's vent stack.
31: alone at Never Alone - A do-gooder locks Sally in a room by herself at a drug abuse rehab facility nearby.