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   project inflection point
Friday, October 9 2009
At some point early today I arrived at that critical inflection point in the remote project I'm working on, that point at which it stopped feeling like a large and ponderous ordeal and instead felt like something I had a handle on. A telltale sign that this point has been reached is that I find myself rapidly flipping back and forth between several files, scrolling to a precise point, and pounding out bits of code, usually for many minutes at a time without taking a break or even checking to see if the edits have produced their desired effects. Such a working style is impossible when the project inflection point hasn't been reached.
The only bottlenecks today lay outside the work itself, in dreary matters such as the setups of development servers where the work I was doing (developed entirely on my main computer, Woodchuck) would have to be deployed to become visible to my colleagues. Another issue was figuring out how to make a subfolder in a server running Drupal behave like a conventional web server and stop serving from the Drupal code. When it's installed, you see, Drupal takes over the web server, intercepting all the paths and running them through Drupal scripts. There is a way to turn this behavior off for some directories, which was essential to getting my database visualizer installed. I've gotten to the point where the difference between having that tool and not having it is like the difference between being in the middle of the Mojave Desert with a gassed-up Subaru and with a skateboard.

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