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   new lesbian-friendly pizza joint in High Falls
Friday, December 9 2022
I took a recreational 150 mg dose of pseudoephedrine this morning in hopes it would help me power through a vexxing workplace assignment. Joe the Lead Developer had fixed something related to my code, utterly destroying its functionality in the process, and I wanted to restore the functionality without destroying whatever it was that he'd achieved. But I wasn't really clear on what he'd achieved. Ultimately, I had a mental block about the whole thing that kept me from getting much of anything done all day except to zero in on the nature of the problem.
At noon today, I salvaged a hybrid load of both white ash and chestnut oak. I was noticing that my nose had nearly stopped running, and though my coughs were no longer as deep and prolonged, I was still hawking up plenty of loogies.

Tonight Gretchen and I had dinner at a new pizza place in High Falls called Ollie's. It features a huge outdoor seating area, which wasn't of much use on a frigid early-December evening. There was a bit of a wait when we got in the door, but there was room at the bar. So I ordered a cocktail (some of sort of brandy drink with a delicious cherry on a skewer called a "provincial"). The bartender was an easy call for my gaydar as a lesbian, but in addition to her, there were two female-only couples, one of which was engaging in modest public displays of affection. And at least one of the waitresses gave off a strong lesbian lumberjack vibe. Perhaps Ollie's is the new lesbian hotspot!
Soon after ordering our pizza, a table opened up for us, though it had a problem: someone had hung his or her coat on the wall next to my seat, forcing me into a bit too much intimacy therewith. We started with an order of oven roasted broccolini, which was greasy but pretty good. Then came our pizza, a rectangular grandma pie, half with basil (for Gretchen) and half with crimini mushrooms (for me). It was damn good, and I'd come back for it again. The main downside, as Gretchen noted, was the hefty upcharge for vegan cheese. I ended up eating three of my crimini-topped pieces, which was a lot, but left the last of these for later as I sipped my provincial. [REDACTED]

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