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Wednesday, December 21 2022
At noon today I went out to gather some of the white ash I'd cut up yesterday. Since it was so close, I didn't bother with the backpack and just carried pieces in my arms. I didn't even need to wear rubber boots, as the runoff from recent rains has drained away and what little remains has frozen. I managed to carry home the equivalent to a backpack load, though I also transported the equivalent of more than a backpack load to a staging location at the bottom of the mountain goat path behind the woodshed.

Meanwhile in the remote workplace, I was trying to debug some problematic Javascript which was behaving unpredictably. Eventually I tracked down the problem: some JQuery was triggered by a rare condition (one that was helpfully associated with the display of a message) that set the value of both radio buttons in a radio button array (that is, radio buttons sharing the same name that have the same logical behavior as a select dropdown menu) to "True." Once that happened, there was no way to get click on a radio button to produce "False." But since this behavior only began after a rare trigger, this state had been difficult to reproduce reliably.

This afternoon, in an effort to "buy" myself the ability to drink alcohol, I made a small painting of the map of the United States on a piece of wood. I'd been interested in the relative positions of some western states such as Utah and Wyoming, and I thought it would be a fun exercise to free-hand paint such a map. The result wasn't perfect, but it was a good exercise and definitely qualifies as an artistic creation worthy of unlocking the ability to drink booze.

Today's painting.


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