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Thursday, December 22 2022
I had a fairly relaxing day in the remote workplace on this, the last workday before the long four-day Christmas weekend. All I did was run little experiments to figure out how use the DevExpress report editor (a plugin in VisualStudio) to edit a report. (DevExpress is an expensive library of user interface components for Dotnet projects; I've never encountered it before working for this particular company.)
At noon today, I walked down the Stick Trail about a quarter mile to pick up a single stick of wood leftover from a recent salvage down there, and on the way back I grabbed a couple other pieces from other recent salvages, adding all of them to a backpack load that included a large hard-to-split crotch piece from the dry chestnut oak I'd salvaged on the side of the bluff southwest of where the Stick Trail crosses the Chamomile. Additionally, I gathered some of the dead lower limbs of white pines and hemlocks, since they're a good size and dryness for getting fires started.
Gretchen's plan for tonight was for us to drive down to New Paltz and have an early dinner (technically a lupper) of Thai food and then attend a local theatre production of some play (not really my thing, but sometimes you do things because your wife wants to do them with you). But snow started this afternoon and people freaked out and started calling the play's director, who then individually called all the people who had bought tickets telling them the show was canceled and the tickets would be refunded. I tried not to gloat, but at one point I said something that rubbed Gretchen slightly the wrong way. By then, she'd decided to salvage the evening by making her own Thai food, including a pad-thai-style noodle dish, a tofu & vegetable curry, and spring rolls. I helped Gretchen make the spring rolls, but I was pretty incompetent at making them into cohesive units.
As we ate our Thai food (which was pretty good), we binge-watched three episodes of season three of Barry, leaving only the last epsiode of the season for us to watch later.

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