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   two-bath gut ache
Monday, December 12 2022
I hadn't drunk much alcohol yesterday but I awoke with a headache and an uncomfortable gut, the latter symptom persisting all day and forcing me to take a number of bean-bag breaks and two baths (one at noon and one after work). I suspect the problem was the recreational dose of pseudoephedrine I'd taken yesterday, two days before that, and two days before that. Perhaps 450 milligrams in five days was just too much. I took a couple generic Pepto-Bismols, which didn't help much at all, though during peaks of acute acid reflux (which happened several times today) antacids were somewhat helpful.
My discomfort largely prevented me from getting much work of any kind done today, though this afternoon at some point I went out into the driveway and shoveled away all the snow. It was only a couple inches deep, having largely melted in the not-especially-cold weather. But it had been treacherous enough this morning for Gretchen to drive the Forester to the bookstore (she brought Neville along).
This evening after work, I made a big pot of chili containing tempeh, mushrooms, onions, black beans, kidney beans, white hominy, fire-roasted tomatoes, refried pinto beans, nutritional yeast, and single (very hot) jalapeño pepper leftover from the growing season. I expected Gretchen to return before 6:00pm, and when she didn't, I decided to take that second bath.

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