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Thursday, December 29 2022
This work week (which was only three days long) had only two of us on the web team doing any work: Allee and me. It was also the week in the Agile candence where all the meetings fell, though we haven't been having all of them. This morning, though, we did have a sprint planning meeting, and (as always) Allee did most of the work, most of which was talking and dragging things around in the web-based sprint planning software Jira. Later in the day she found more problems with a radio-button task that's I've been dicking around with for weeks, and this left me more demoralized than it should have. But nevertheless I'd done it: I'd made it through 2022 fully-employed.
One big distraction was the arrival of a Le Potato single-board computer. It's a Raspberry Pi clone with a layout similar to a Raspberry Pi 3 (meaning it would work in my second PiTop), but it came with twice the RAM and lacked WiFi. Normally Le Potatoes cost somewhat less than $40, but their prices are a bit inflated due to the diminished supply of Raspberry Pis (mine cost about $55; a Raspberry Pi 3 with only 1 GB of RAM would've cost $60). It took some doing to find a download of an OS image that would boot the damn thing. Whenever I want such a download, I just want the download; I'm never interested in any of the write-up about the download and certainly don't want to be clicking on link after link trying to find the download. If a page claims to have a download, the link directly to that download should be an obvious link somewhere near the top of the page. This never happens, especially not (it seems) with Le Potato. I downloaded numberous OS images, many of which did nothing at all. The only ones that seemed to work were for Armbian, though that seems to be an acceptable OS. It even installed drivers for a random WiFi dongle I installed, giving me internet access as well. I suppose it's too much to expect to find drivers for the Pi Top's power management system or to make the trackpad not do tap-to-click, but the dream is alive.
At noon today, I went down the Stick Trail with my big chainsaw and cut up a tree I'd attempted to fell a week or more ago. The wind had since blown it down, and I wanted to bring home that nice dry wood before it could get rained on. The weather keeps getting warmer, and it's just a matter of time before all this unusual heat and humidity bumps up against a cold air mass.

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