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   rural alleyways of Mar Vista
Sunday, April 2 2000
I am sitting on the west-facing balcony at Corynna and Evan's apartment, looking down into the yards below. There's a barefoot young mother in her billowing housedress arranging the kiddie pool and other assorted toddler-safe plastic yard equipment in preparation for another day of unscripted child's play. It takes me back to 1972, when the giants used to arrange yards for me.

Life at Evan and Corynna's house is one of continuous crazed frenzy punctuated with tranquil pauses of decadent leisure. Much of the time I feel as though I'm not able to do what I need to do and that the only thing I'm actually doing is being in the way. But then the next moment things are exciting and someone is needing me or Kim to help with something weird and random and interesting in that typical Los Angeles sort of way. Sometimes it's a video interview. Sometimes it's a photoshoot. [REDACTED]

In the evening Kim and I took Sophie for a walk down the alleyways to the west of Centinela. In so doing, we were delighted too discover an almost bucolic countryside burrowing through the dense suburban matrix. Mind you, it wasn't so much that we found fields full of clover and cows; it was a more compressed, European kind of bucolic, with unpaved driveways, rustic fences, lush green weeds, orange trees and assorted small backyard animals (things like rabbits). Upon finding a large circular mirror, we posed for a self portrait. [REDACTED]

Kim and I pose in a mirror in Corynna's "healing room."

Kim, Sophie and I pose in front of a mirror we found in a Mar Vista Alleyway.

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