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Wednesday, April 19 2000 "You're funded."

Our home loan came through this morning and those magical words were left by both my real estate agent and my loan broker on my corporate voicemail. It's a done deal. We can move in tomorrow.
In other news, my erstwhile employer filed to go public. What with the sorry state of internet stocks these days, I don't know how wise this is, but I suppose the Grand Pooh Bah is out to salvage what he can of his company. Like most internet startups, it is, of course, nothing more than an elaborate pyramid scheme.

I'm really enjoying the latest series of Budweiser ads, the "real American hero series." Set to a late-80s-style pop-ballad score, they purport to salute the "true heroes" of working class America. The ads vary from one to the other. I've heard one saluting the bowling alley shoe man and another celebrating the sandwich shop meat slicer. They all conclude by advising us to crack open a Budweiser and toast this "true American hero." I think this is the first time I've heard the ever-nauseating late-80s-style-pop-ballad-advertising music used with such devastatingly ironic effect. Even in the year 2000, such advertising music is still in widespread use by advertisers, reflecting something I've observed about marketing: it's often stylistically conservative, even to the point of ludicrous anachronism.

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