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Monday, April 24 2000
At work today, I found myself actually doing a lot of writing. My bosses casually suggested that maybe I should write some technical specs for a big fun (yes!) project I'm working on, so I spent the whole day in creative writing mode, cranking out a document that somehow managed to be concise, readable, and, above all, informative. It's a part of my skill set that I never even bothered to mention in my interview.

Back in the townhouse, our couches, which had been languishing away in the upholstery shop on the corner of Voltaire and Cable in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California, finally arrived this morning. They have fresh new red velvet upholstery, chosen specifically to go with the primary reds so common in my paintings. When I came home from work tonight, Kim had me hang our collection of paintings and other two dimensional art, most of which was created by me. [REDACTED]

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