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Monday, April 17 2000
After work I rode my bike down to the Ocean Park neighborhood of southwest Santa Monica to meet up with Kim, who was having her hair recolored at Scissors, her new favorite hangout. Unfortunately I showed up a few hours before Kim's hair was done, so I found myself doing a lot of hanging out with not a whole lot to do. Unfortunately, I didn't feel like writing. Eventually I took Sophie for a couple of walks around the surrounding blocks, discovering a small urban park in the process.
The main goal was to put off returning to Evan and Corynna's apartment until after dark, thereby allowing us to more easily smuggle Sophie into the building. Kim has decided that Sophie's mental health outweighs any risk that we'll be busted by our host's landlord (and/or the tattle-tale-telling neighbors) for having a dog in his building.
We stopped on the way home to pick up takeaway from a Thai restaurant in a seedy commercial strip along Venice Blvd. It was a tiny place, and like many westside restaurants, bore a B health inspection rating. The health inspector in this area must be real tightass. Speaking of which, one of the restaurant's neighbors was an adult boutique which we checked out briefly.
In other things, today I built a series of extremely useful VBScript functions that generate automatic forms and form processors for database recordsets, thereby automating much of what I do for a living. This is an example of the ultimate programmer's goal: to translate skills into actual code, thereby offloading talents into computers. My other good example of this sort of thing is my suite of color functions.

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