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   Sophie issues
Wednesday, April 12 2000
Today was a rough day. It started going bad in the afternoon when I was researching possible ASP file uploading components for use on my employer's website. Suffice it to say, I was having great difficulty getting any of the ones I tested to work, and in my zeal to uninstall one of them, I accidentally clicked in the wrong place and uninstalled PCAnywhere, the software providing me with the means to control my development server. Bam! The window snapped shut and I was cut off from everything but the server's file system. I felt pretty stupid after that.
Then, in the evening as I was hanging out with Kim and Sophie in Evan & Corynna's apartment, the landlord, a generic old white man holding a piece of rubber hosing, appeared at the door to ask if we were harboring a dog. I said that yes we were, but that we were just guests and didn't know any better. He told me that this was no excuse and that dogs weren't permitted in his building. With minimal of finesse, he demanded that I take my dog to a kennel forthwith.
Well, that certainly threw a monkeywrench into the evening. The hour was already too late for us to take Sophie to any kennel we could find in the yellow pages, much less the kind Kim prefers, the kind without cages and where dogs eat free-range vegan dog food and hum "Kumbaya" while playing nicely together. Our solution was to hole up in a back room away from the door. Though she's quiet most of the time, Sophie has a habit of barking whenever Evan comes home or when there's a buzzer request from the front door of the apartment building.
But Evan never came home tonight and this simply underscored another source of stress in our lives. In the morning, you see, Evan had announced that he was having trouble working on his tantra websites because of our habit of going to bed as early as 10pm in the computer room. "Normally I stay up until 2am," he'd told us. So, shit, we're running out of time. We need our own place to live as soon as possible.

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