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   April 2000

01: trendy Abbott-Kinney - A trip to Venice Beach.
02: rural alleyways of Mar Vista - Walking the dog in the suburban neighborhood just east of southern Santa Monica.
03: a fresh new job - I start work for yet another internet dot com, this one actually publicly traded.
04: Koreatown - We drive back to Santa Monica from downtown Los Angeles on Olympic Avenue.
05: Handy Mar Vista Firestation - Kim gets locked out of the place where we're staying.
06: The Bicycle Shop (a restaurant) - We find a cool restaurant in our new neighborhood.
07: grandmother's idea of Heaven - Signing docs at the escrow office.
08: Sophie's dream - Sophie finds herself back at the old place in San Diego.
09: the Promenade - The downtown pedestrian plaza of Santa Monica, California.
10: vicarious Schnauzer thrills - Hang out with a dog long enough and you'll start thinking like one.
11: Italianesque Venice - Kim and I do a final walk-through at our new house. Then we eat dinner in downtown Venice.
12: Sophie issues - A rough day in which I accidentally blow away PC Anywhere on my machine, the landlord discovers Sophie, I learn of another loan requirement and Evan complains about our bedtime.
13: one more thing: paystub - The loan broker announces that she needs my first paystub after all.
14: Scissors - Kim finds a place in Ocean Park to get her hair done.
15: copper hair - Kim gets her hair dyed at Scissors.
16: Walking with Dinosaurs - Smoking pot and watching the latest telling of the eternal dinosaur tale.
17: expert functions - I put some genius in code.
18: Canal Street Restaurant - A sushi place in Venice, California.
19: funded - My home loan comes through and my former employer files to go public.
20: keys to the castle - I put some genius in code.
21: paint fumes - The smell of a new townhouse in West LA.
22: swarm of Mexican movers - The smell of a new townhouse in West LA.
23: negative dumpster diving - Getting rid of surplus cardboard.
24: big fun tech spec - A programmer in creative writing mode.
25: Ludmilla and Pete visit - We sit around drinking the wine and shooting the shit.
26: fumes and blinds - Paint smell and the breakup of our tantric friends.
27: envy & Kaczynski - Matt Rogers breakup and a fire.
28: South Indian cuisine, incidentally vegetarian - We eat at an inexpensive Indian restaurant a block from our home amid a largely Indian clientele.
29: house chores - I am Kim's household slave for the day.
30: walking around West LA - Kim goes to San Diego for the night and I am free to do what I want with myself for the first time in over a month.