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   a fresh new job
Monday, April 3 2000
Today was my first day at work at my new internet dot com sort of job. I'm working for a genuine post-IPO company now, and these guys seem to have their shit together in the way that my last employer was desperately headed when they canned from that miserable place. This morning was entirely occupied with introductory meetings, tours, and overviews of policies and procedures. Now I know, for example, that forwarding chain email to colleagues is a bad thing, as is complementing an intern on her surreptiously-examined lingerie.
My team is the "community Development team" which includes a geeky/hippy young woman DBA, two project managers, and three or four web developers such as myself. We all went to lunch today on the company dime to get acquainted, though all we really discussed were practical jokes. For example, I told my new colleagues all about the "wandering toothbrush" photoshoot that Nathan VanHooser and my other high school chums pulled on an absent friend back during their university days at Virginia Tech. I also told about Heather Bissel's even more sociopathic tricks on a housemate, but I could tell I was pushing the limit on stories told to strangers, so I decided to hang back and be a bit more reserved after that. [REDACTED]

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