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   birthday at the erotic gallery
Saturday, July 1 2000
Kim and I were in bed for much of the day recovering from last night. If it didn't seem like we did enough last night to warrant such a recovery period, then maybe you're out of the loop. It sucks to be out of the loop, hearing people cackling about things that don't sound particularly funny. In-jokes and in-references are all about isolation. If you know the story behind this picture it's hilarious.

But otherwise it makes absolutely no sense. You look at it and feel excluded. Bummer.

In the evening, I suddenly discovered that my demise page was scheduled to be tomorrow's Cruel Site of the Day. Cruel Site of the Day, for those who don't remember, has featured two (1,2) of my other pages in the past and can be reliably counted upon to supply more hits than a suitcase full of LSD. (Do people still take LSD?) Happily, CollegeClub managed to secure bridge funding keeping it alive for yet another pay cycle, extending our pleasure another two weeks. I simply reset the javascript countdown, so we're good to go. Meanwhile, Trinity (one of the chicks on the CollegeClub deathcam) reports that she's so excited that IKEA is opening an outlet in San Diego. It sounds like the CollegeClub community leaders are every bit as complicated and nuanced as they ever were.

In the evening, Jolie (one of the Dr. Suzy Block people) came over from her place in Venice and Kim, her and I drove over to the Dr. Suzy Block studio together, Jolie dropping her car off in Mar Vista on the way. [REDACTED]
Before the show, Kim introduced me to Mario, the maker of the infamous Bondage Cross. Mario showed me one of his other, more Frankensteinian creations, still only partially-complete. It was a life-sized animatronic-activated female mannequin with what felt like a fully functional vagina. The fake vagina only needed to be about ten degrees warmer to be absolutely convincing, but still I felt like I should at least excuse myself as recoiled from her rubbery moisture.

At this point I would normally go on to explain all the things that happened at tonight's Dr. Suzy Block show, among them the celebration of Kim's 30th birthday. [REDACTED]
Let's just say that the night was full of all sorts of semi-spontaneous theatre. Somehow Kim ended up wearing nothing on the lower half of her body but what remained of her torn and tattered fishnet stockings. [REDACTED]
Then, since one of her guests hadn't turned up, Suzy brought me up onto the bed so I could show off some of the paintings that will be in the show opening July 29th: Original Sin, Still Life Crucifixion, Wrong Room and You Said Love. [REDACTED]
I was so tired in the aftermath of last night that I spent the remainder of my time at the studio sleeping on a couch. [REDACTED]

(these photographs are scanned Polaroids)

Kim and Jolie dancing in the studio.

Kim with Mario (maker of the Bondage Cross) at the bar.

Kim at the bar, with Norma, the big blond dominatrix, in the right background.

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