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Saturday, July 15 2000

It was one of those recovery sorts of days, but it wasn't too bad. I felt vaguely frazzled, but I wasn't too lacking in motivation.
In the evening at a certain hour, Kim came clunking down the stairs in her white high heel slippers. But the slippers weren't the only things that were white; her outfit was a white lacy getup designed to appeal to antique underwear fetishists. It featured high lace stockings topped with wide lacy cuffs, a translucent little white dress and white translucent panties featuring a maddening complexity of straps and other intricate feminine mysteries. I had been sort of ambivalent about going with Kim to the Dr. Suzy Block show tonight, but for some strange reason I suddenly wanted to tag along. And so indeed I did.
It was a fairly calm night at the studio. Norma, the usually-present beefcake Dominatrix, was nowhere to be found and about the only visitor was a thin little balding man. What with his weakly ineffectual lower jaw and his narrow features trapped amid wide cheeks & forehead, he was a veritable caricature of masculine unattractiveness. It turned out, though, that he is something of a lesser Los Angeles celebrity, famous for exhibitionistic behavior, including (as he did later tonight) dressing up unappealingly in women's underwear. Later on, though, a number of couples arrived, each of them intent on finding extra ladies for the formation of sexual trinities. This Afghan couple took an immediate shine to Kim, the male half groping her as much as he could get away with while she stood nearby at the bar. But after she proved unwilling, they eventually found what they needed in the form of some other unattached young lady who happened by. They were all doing their thing (standing up, mind you) in the privacy of the room where Mario stores his robotic lover, so Oni (one of the photographer guys) and I ran back there to take pictures, but when they told us they didn't want to be photographed, we aborted our mission.
The guest for the night, as interviewed by Dr. Susan on her dildo-strewn bed, was Shasta, an "adult film" star. She was mostly there to promote her latest flick, but about the only thing I remember her saying was that she'd had more than one set of breast enlargements. And as you might expect, her enormous breasts were completely out of proportion to her thin little waifish frame. Incidentally, Kim and Shasta hit it off unusually well, and it's quite possible that she'll be visiting us in West LA some day.
For the first time ever at the Dr. Susan Block studio, Kim and I did a bit of hetero-erotic foreplay for the camera. We were fully clothed at the time, if you consider Kim's outfit clothing.
By the end of the evening I was so drunk that I had to lay down on the floor.

Adult Film Actress "Shasta" (on the bottom) and Dr. Susan (on the top) being somewhat theatrical.

Kim in her dainty white fetish outfit with Dr. Susan Block.

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