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Saturday, July 22 2000

penis anus

As Kim and I were walking Sophie back from Wilshire this morning, a cranky old lady rudely asked me, "where's the bag?" (referring to the plastic bag that dog owners use to scoop up poop). We'd been carrying such a bag earlier, but it had been used and thrown away. That was beside the point; Kim didn't think it was very polite to be heckling us for simply walking our dog, so she told the woman off, "Yo, yo bitch! We did have a bag, but it got used and thrown away!" I don't think the cranky old lady was expecting such resistance. She just stood there with her mouth slightly ajar, a look of "young people today!" on her face. Evidently she's come to expect unctuous displays of intention to cleanup of the dog owners in her neighborhood. For my part, most of the time when I'm carrying a poop bag, I carry it concealed in my pocket. I don't want the people I pass to have their attention drawn so rapidly to the essentially fecal reason for my pedestrianship.

While Kim was off in Ocean Park getting her fussy hair recolored red, I was taking an executive power nap with Sophie in the tranquility of the bed.

In the evening Kim and went to the Dr. Suzy Block Studios for tonight's show. The featured guest was the adult film star Sean Michæls, a gentleman who, I've been told, is equipped with a remarkably massive member. But as far as I know he never brought it out for anyone to see tonight.
Also in attendance tonight were two guys from some British magazine; they were taking pictures and giving interviews. [REDACTED]

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