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Friday, July 28 2000

I thought it was going to be a restful sort of day at work. It wasn't. The big crazy Russian guys in the QA department couldn't get my messageboards to work, but they had no idea why. They have a way with words, saying "it doesn't work," in a manner that implies that the past three months of development were a complete waste of time. Not only that, but they don't really understand the peculiarities of the test environment they use. You wouldn't believe the hoops through which I had to jump to find the proper connection strings for their database. And, as I mentioned yesterday, the process we're using is completely new, so everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It's more comic than anything else.
My boss Linda and I went to the cafeteria in the MTV building to pick up lunch on the way to a "very important" meeting, and I thought I'd be smart and pack my salad tray with as much food as I could cram inside. But I didn't suspect that salads from the salad bar were actually weighed! So my lunch, which was comprised mostly of pasta salad, ended up costing me over eight dollars.
I didn't get to eat this salad for at least an hour. The meeting was attended mostly by managers, the sort of people who have secret meetings to discuss how to better manage rowdy developers such as myself. Consequently, I felt sort of out-classed and intimidated. And while Linda felt perfectly comfortable eating her lunch in front of everyone, my stomach couldn't handle it.


The moment I got home from work, Kim announced that we'd have to walk up to Wilshire to go return some things to a [REDACTED] lingerie shop. [REDACTED]

Kim had been inkling for dinner at a restaurant, but I was so eager to avoid eating out that I offered to work on her website if she'd order food instead. And so I did. Armed with stuff I'd learned this week about Cascading Style Sheets, I completely redid everything without any references to the moribund <font> tag. I also experimented with adding backgrounds to <div> tags and then redid the front page with what I thought to be a cleverly understated deployment of the Lake applet.

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