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Monday, July 24 2000


In the evening I came home to find Kim hanging out and eating pizza out with Robert, the handyman/carpenter/animatronics whiz from the Dr. Susan Block Studio. Kim has decided to have Robert help her with her website They'd been making storyboards and sketching out ideas on graph paper. They'd been doing enough of that sort of thing for me to suggest that they use Visio. [REDACTED]
It's amazing how quiet Santa Monica is at 2am. For the first time ever, I was actually able to cross Olympic Blvd. diagonally from northeast to southwest at the intersection with Stewart Street.
The nighttime custodial staff was just finishing work when I arrived. Varoom, varoom, the floor back by my part of the office was clean and I was clear to attempt sleep. But when I tried to get comfortable beneath my desk, it proved impossible. The air conditioning was running entirely too cool for sleep comfort without blankets, the overhead lights were shining excessively, but worst of all was the hardness of the floor and the harshness of the carpet. I could have turned off the lights, I suppose, but I was afraid I'd set off the alarm if I moved around too much. So eventually I got up and began doing work, for employer mind you, and it was only 4am.

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