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Wednesday, July 19 2000

Last time I saw Survivor, I was demanding my money back. Tonight, however, I actually liked the show. This was due only to the fact that Greg Buis, the guy who was voted off the island at the episode's conclusion, reminded me so much of Big Fun's infamous Zachary Firkaly. Not only does Greg look exactly like Zach, he acts exactly like Zach as well. He deliberately shocks people by making weird references to possible past homosexual experiences as well as possible future sex acts with his sister (on mainstream primetime television, in front of impressionable children no less!). On an earlier episode he evidently built some sort of nonsensical telephone out of coconuts. But most of the time he just sits there with a impenetrably distant look in his eye. Such a person will never "survive" long in mainstream television, and so tonight was his night to get the boot. Normal America needed rapid reassurance that such wingnuts are not the stuff of which million dollar windfalls are made. [REDACTED]

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