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Wednesday, July 5 2000
Not only did I watch Survivor (the show where annoying Americans are deliberately "stranded" on a desert island and are forced to betray each other in pursuit of a million dollar prize), but I stayed around like a sucker and watched Big Brother as well. Big Brother puts a group of assorted photogenic people into an isolated, windowless house fully-equipped with surveillance cameras (yes, there's even one above the toilet). Inside there's no television, no newspaper, there may not even be any books. The person who lasts three months in this hell wins a half million dollars. I could say something obvious about this, or maybe I could make a comparison to webcams and other junk media of the 90s, but I'd really rather say something more interesting. How about "if smoking crack and shooting heroin is illegal, shouldn't participating in shows like Big Brother also be illegal?" More interestingly, since Big Brother takes place somewhere here in Los Angeles, wouldn't it be funnier to culture-jam that concentration camp? Perhaps liberating (just like in Vietnam!) those who "will do anything for a half million dollars" is a justfiable crime. You know, folks, that windowless Big Brother house rather resembles the Branch Davidian compound. And the people inside it aren't any more rational. Neither, for that matter, are these poor suckers, God bless them.
And as for that show Survivor, it's the most completely worthless piece of junk television I have ever watched. I feel like asking for my money back (at 80 dollars an hour) for the time I spent watching it.

What's your take on Big Brother, the Branch Davidians and saving people by shooting them?

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