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Thursday, July 27 2000

Have you noticed that Bank of America just changed their logo from that old clunky B & A combination to something resembling a cross between a postage stamp and an American flag? The change was sudden and scrupulously thorough, yet they still weren't able to alter the Versateller card in my wallet. I wonder if Adam Jacobs had anything to do with this. During a lull in the endless messageboard QA process late this morning, I called the Bank of America VISA card automated-customer-support line to see how much I owed. It was about $2000, a complete shock, because, just a week before I'd forked over $500 in cash at the Ocean Park B of A branch. So I was thrown into something of a panic. I climbed onto my bike immediately and rode home to see if I could find the receipt for this $500 transaction.
I called Bank of America to ask what the fuck, and the very nice lady on the other end of the line told me that it typically takes three to five days for a credit card payment to be credited to an account, even when the transaction occurs at a teller window. This seems sort of suspicious to me, what with technology being as advanced as it is. But I'm not in the bank industry, and perhaps they send word of such transactions by Pony Express. But with the perspective of someone who has actually designed and implemented databases, I can tell you that such delays are computationally absurd.

This message board system which I developed is something of a guinea pig in a brand-new release process being introduced by my employer. The downside of this is that nobody knows who is responsible for what and everything that should take five minutes ends up taking an entire day. The upside is that no one is really to blame for the fact that deadline after deadline whizzes by like telephone poles on a Kansas interstate. While my boss is sort of freaking out about all this stuff, I'm sort of giddy with a feeling of accomplishment. It's pretty much out of my hands!

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