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Sunday, July 9 2000

I keep seeing irritating banner ads exploiting the paranoid webaphobic fears of parents. I decided to culture-jam one and recast it as an advertisement for my domain (which doesn't contain anything yet).


Both Kim and Sophie were gone all day, so the house was unusually quiet. I have all sorts of habits developed around Sophie's presence, but with her gone, the house felt almost like a different place. The kitchen, especially during the process of opening the refrigerator door, was so alien it could have been in someone else's house.

After I had all my tasks done, I decided to do something a little unusual. I went outside and got some exercise and even a little sun.
Originally I just wanted to go north up to San Vicente and see what it looked like as it passes through nearby Brentwood. I'd read about it once before in connection with the OJ Simpson story, so I wanted to have a better mental image.
But after crossing San Vicente, I couldn't bring myself to stop. I continued northward on Kenter, past Sunset Blvd. and onward into the hills. The houses in this region aren't nearly as crowded as I'd observed in the Hollywood Hills, but they are every bit as upscale. Indeed, they're annoyingly so; on the edge of the neighborhood of Crescent Ridge there is a sign proclaiming the place to be an "architecturally controlled community." Well la-de-dah.
I continued up the mountain, walking my shitty Huffy at times because it doesn't really have a low gear. It was psychologically easy to head further and further up the slope of the Santa Monica Mountains because I knew that coming home would be an easy downhill ride. I managed to climb higher than the Getty Center, the white facades of which I could see glinting in the evening sun one ridge to the east. The view was spectacular, but my crappy digital camera didn't do the scenery justice. Next time I'm taking the video camera, which has a zoom lens.
Kim and Sophie came home at around 10:00pm. [REDACTED]

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