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Wednesday, November 1 2000
Today was my erstwhile boss Linda's last day at my company. She'd originally planned to have a vodkatea party at her desk near the end of the day, but she had too much work to do. Forms had to be filled out and handed off to Human Resources, that sort of thing. By the way, this marks the first time I have ever continued on in my job for longer than a supervisor.
Through the darkness of the now-premature Standard Time night, I rode my bike all the way to Venice for another installment of working on Bathtubgirl's website. We did another test with streaming video to the fine folks at, and this time it was a stunning success. The thing that had changed was the operating system; I'd reverted Bathtubgirl's machine from Windows Millennium Edition back to Windows 98 on my previous visit.
I also somehow managed to write Bathtubgirl a $5000 check to help take care of some of my debt to her as well as help her with the development of BTG Productions. For her part, Bathtubgirl was super-appreciative and gave me an extra-special tucking in when she returned me to my West Los Angeles condominium.

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