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Saturday, November 25 2000

I've been having that feeling again, that pang in the stomach, ache in the shoulders feeling that tells me I'm taking a risk with the best chance I have.

In the early afternoon I rode my bike very leisurely into Santa Monica and then south down Main Street to Abbott-Kinney in Venice. It was a beautiful sunny day, but this didn't contain the crazy impulses among some of the people of Greater Los Angeles. An old beaten up black-painted Bronco came to a dramatic halt in front of a municipal bus and the Bronco's male driver began a heated argument with the female bus driver. There were plenty of people on the bus at the time, but it didn't make any difference. The two antagonists stood in the middle of Main Street for a time shouting and cussing at each other, about what I don't know. As I passed it I noticed that in the back of the Bronco there were a couple large Rotweilers and a smiling girl of about 12 years of age.
My destination, as usual, was Bathtubgirl Productions. It was to be another day of working for the former girlfriend on her website. She wanted me to build her a content management system, and it wouldn't have been hard to modify an existing one I built for, but unfortunately I couldn't successfully install the database client software I needed. So I mostly found myself doing Flash stuff instead. As I pointed out to Bathtubgirl, she's a lucky webmistress to have me working for her; there aren't all that many people who can do both Flash and database development.


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