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Wednesday, November 29 2000

Just posted: a really excellent Field Guide to the Dot Com Workplace over at Netslaves.

John took the day off of work, the lucky bastard, and he wasn't even sick. My inexplicable work ethic forbids such sloth and I haven't ever stayed home from my present job. Not even once. I feel so indispensible now that it's doubtful I'll be doing it any time soon.

In the evening I attempted to watch the rock opera Tommy on the Independent Film Channel, but there was only so much of its yellow-tinged 70sness I could take. One thing I realized tonight is that I don't really like the Who very much. Their rock and roll style is just too "white boys doing the blues" for my ear. My favorite parts of the movie were the little things, the slightly mangled words as Tommy's mother sang with food in her mouth or while applying lipstick.

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