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Wednesday, November 15 2000

Under the stress of a low-level deadline, I finally broke through whatever mental blocks I've been having and managed to do a lot of actual programming today. I could tell I was on a roll by how annoyed I became late in the afternoon when some of the other bored programmers in neighboring cubicles began playing with their toy guns. Pop! Pop! Pop! came the sounds of their air-powered gunfire, at a leisurely frequency seeming calculated to destroy my train of thought. Is infantilism really a prerequisite for programming skill?

John and I went to the Rochester & Santa Monica Café tonight for the first time in well over a week. It had a good crowd for a Wednesday night, including one of the regular Asian chicks who seems to be there often in the middle of the day. She's a cute girl and I could tell John was checking her out. On closer inspection, though, I determined that she is one of those Asian girls who has a cute face when viewed front on, but it turns less attractive (disturbingly flat) when viewed in profile. The ideal human facial profile lies somewhere between the Himalayan Cat and the horse. I'm not super-picky or anything, but I do have my preferences. I really don't like the look of horse-faced girls, all gums and teeth and chinny-chin-chin. Conversely, though, I think there should always be some sort of hump, even the most rudimentary of nasal bridges, separating the eyes.

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