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Monday, November 20 2000

Today was a shitty day, mostly because I was basically ripped off during my yearly performance evaluation. The performance evaluation ranks employees on a scale from one to three, with two being the common average that most people get. It had been leaked to me that I would, without question, be getting a three, so I breezed confidently into the evaluation meeting with the Director of Product Development, hoping it wouldn't take up too much of my valuable tome. The Director gave me lots of congratulatory talk, saying I'd gone above and beyond the call of duty and all such crap as that, and I was like yeah, yeah, let's get this meeting over with. Then he dropped the bomb, saying almost apologetically that he'd recommend that I get a two. I was incredulous. I looked the man straight in the eye and said "I'd been gunning for a three..." He hemmed and hawed and said that it was caught up in some human resources bullshit and that he'd see what he could do.
Somehow I got the feeling that this might have been a test. The director might have had the impression that I'd be happy with a two and that he could get away with offering me that number. There might, after all, be a limited supply of threes and he might want to hand out my three to someone he knows better, someone to whom he owes a favor. Throughout my time in the company I've been sort of off on the side, not really interacting with anyone. This company is a good old boy network just like any other, and being something of a church mouse here hasn't even placed me on the good old boy network radar. My erstwhile boss Linda was always telling me about such Byzantine backstabbing in the company, but this was the first time I'd ever encountered it directly.
So today I found myself plotting what to do next if I really do end up getting a lousy little two. Being project lead on the dubious UK project and being one of the few people with advanced database skills, I actually have considerable weight to throw around if I have to do so.

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