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Saturday, November 11 2000 [REDACTED]

It was another day spent at Bathtubgirl's apartment in Venice working on her website. On the bike ride over, I decided to take Main Street for most of the southward Cartesian component of my journey. I don't know why I never did this before; it's the best way to go if you want to see people. Everybody looks so Bohemian and European down there, especially on a chilly day like today when folks are forced to wear warm clothes. I sort of wanted to stop somewhere and get a cup of espresso and talk to some girl with an accent.
But I didn't really have to change my trajectory for that; at Bathtubgirl's apartment Dirtygirl had one of her Spanish girlfriends over, and they all have accents of course. Venice has an unusually large European expatriate population.
Bathtubgirl and I started squabbling almost immediately about the features of her bubble navigation page (which is done in Flash). Bathtubgirl had lots of ideas for things to do with this page, but she hadn't fully formulated them, and with little guidance to work with, there was no possible way for me to be successful. I'd try something, Bathtubgirl wouldn't like it, she'd ask me to do something that was hard to do, and I'd resist. Then Dirtygirl would come in and give her opinion, which would be something totally different requiring even more work.
So I ended up changing internal navigation instead and then adding a bunch of still images to the gallery, teaching Bathtubgirl along the way.
The website is still getting thousands of hits a day. Many of Bathtubgirl's streaming webcast viewers don't even come through her website, they watch her reframed broadcast through her streaming media provider, I have a feeling that Spotlife is granting Bathtubgirl many more than her former 25 stream limit because of the traffic her webcasts bring to their site.
I hadn't really thought of this before, but tonight while smoking pot I realized that Bathtubgirl and Dirtygirl might be the only girl-girl webcast on the entire web. Think about it: it's a formula that doesn't stand much of a chance for failure. Bathtubgirl says she's actually developed a fairly substantial lesbian audience.

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