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Sunday, November 12 2000 [REDACTED]
Since the election began several days ago, I've found myself checking at least 20 times each day.
I didn't really go outside today, choosing instead to do not all that much by myself at home. It was so cold today that I actually had to turn on the heat. The furnace delivers gas heat and seems to work okay, two things I hadn't known back when I bought the condo a half year ago.
This new 2.0 version of Napster seems to be a little more conducive to chit-chat among music pirates than the 1.0 version. This afternoon I found myself chatting with a fellow Guided By Voices fan living in the Hollywood Hills. When he found out that I'm a database developer working in the online music industry, he reflexively offered me a job at his internet music company,
In the evening I started playing around with my four track. Hopefully this renewed effort will begin to bear fruit. I've actually had a few fairly original musical ideas of late. One thing I'd like to do is compose music using Flash 5 as a fully-programmable multi-track sample machine.

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