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   Stockholm Syndrome
Monday, November 27 2000

Stockholm Syndrome - when a captive develops a romantic or other form of love for his or her captor(s).

Speaking strictly of sexual forms of Stockholm Syndrome, I wonder how much of the attraction between captor and captive is related to the fact that the captor is, for a period of time, the only person in the captive's world and thus the only person for whom an attraction can form. And I wonder how much of the attraction is related to the inherent eroticism of power relationships between people.
I suspect that any woman would start looking good to me if she was the only one I saw every day. Even if she tortured me a little. Especially if she tortured me a lot.

In the evening I saw the movie Clerks on the Independent Film Channel. It was the first time I'd ever seen this product of the early 90s. Evidently it was made on a budget that managed to fit on the span of ten credit cards.

Poor housemate John; I fear he's coming down with some sort of illness. He did manage to cook me some vegetables tonight, boiled broccoli and asparagus. It felt so nutritious to eat such rich green plant material that I could almost feel long-starved parts of my body growing back in.

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