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Tuesday, December 5 2006
This afternoon Gretchen and I carpooled with out uphill neighbors, the Greenhouses, to their lawyer's office in Uptown Kingston, where we inked an agreement to pay 40% of the price of the long, narrow property running behind our properties in exchange for actually ending up with the bulk of it, "worthless" as it is. As an expression of our intent, we handed over a $2000 deposit. The Greenhouses' attorney made all the appropriate noises about how he was representing their interests and not ours and that it was best if we got our own lawyer, yadda yadda. But the paperwork made sense and, we had interests in common, and, as Gretchen pointed out, we know where each other live.
On the drive home we were marveling at the features of the Greenhouses' brand new Audi. Not only did it have seat warmers in the front, it had them in the back as well. All of us could experience that pleasant sensation that feels a little obscene before one realizes what is happening. Somewhere along Hurley Avenue I observed that future Audis would also have seat warmers in the trunk "for the guy you're taking to dump in the river."

This evening Gretchen and I dined at the Red Onion (near Woodstock) with our new friends, Dennis the Dentist and his wife Laura (an author). Conversation quickly turned to an idea Dennis has for a potential dotcom, an exciting one for which I may one day sign a non-disclosure agreement. Later Laura led us into a discussion of the politics behind book reviews, newspapers, and authors, particularly when an author angers a reviewer who then has an axe to grind when the time comes for the author's book to be reviewed. But, as I pointed out, people who carry resentments tend to accumulate them constantly and can only carry a finite number of them at any one time.
I hadn't been too excited by food at the Red Onion in the past, but I was a blown away by the curry I ordered today. It was chock full of vegetables (such as zucchini) that I don't particularly like, but the sauce was so good that I liked them anyway.

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