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Friday, December 29 2006
I'm starting to wonder if all Honda Civic exhaust manifolds are cracked. With the daylight and last night's miraculous trunk ajarment I was able to look at the red Honda's manifold and I found it to be cracked in a manner almost identical to that of the blue Honda, in the central crotch between the two halves of the four manifold branches. This crack reached from the hole containing the oxygen sensor around to near where the manifold attaches to the catalytic converter. As with the blue Honda, I tried filling the crack with furnace paste, but unlike with that car my makeshift repair didn't silence the oxygen sensor error reported by the car's computer. It seemed likely that the oxygen sensor itself was at fault. It still seemed likely I'd be able to fix the problem for less than $400, unless I wind up having to buy a new exhaust manifold, which in this design includes the catalytic converter, an expensive device containing platinum and perhaps other precious metals.

This evening I met Gretchen for a little seasonal party over at the animal sanctuary. Before it began, we took a stroll around the farm in he light of the quarter moon. First we passed the overtaxed transformer with its red light warming that too many rescued farm animals were being electrically heated. Then we passed a pile of large rocks where rescued goats get to pretend they're in expanding the Sahara into the Atlas Mountains. As for the party itself, I have nothing much to report other than the observation that people weren't engorging themselves on the vegan food provided (though it was good). "They're not Jews," Gretchen observed.

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