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   accidental deaths
Saturday, December 30 2006
I have two deaths to report, both of them accidents. Firstly, there is was death of Saddam Hussein, who tripped up and found himself leader of a nation that cannot be held together without the use of genocidal military force. The wielding of that force, and an accidental entanglement in an infantile Freudian drama involving the father and son leaders of the world's only superpower, inevitably led to him dying from a broken neck.

Later today I learned that Charlottesville fixture Phil Ginini (aka Slate Hill Phil) had died from a heroin overdose recently at the age of 31. Phil was the skinny street musician who first introduced me to the Malvern Girls back in 1995. It's a pretty safe bet that without him my life would have gone on a completely different trajectory. And now I have news that he's gone forever from everyone's life as suddenly as he'd first appeared in mine. Jessika says the last CD he released (of blue grass/old time music) is excellent. She also said there was a lot of crying at his funeral.
I have an account of the last time I hung out with Phil in my entry for August 10th, 2005.

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