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   nuthatch season
Friday, December 15 2006
It's finally nuthatch and woodpecker season, with tree bark concealing most of the insect world's manifestions of deliciousness. The oregano growing in the big pot out in front only recently turned purple and died. Evidently they can handle temperatures in the lower twenties but not the lower teens. The pea plants on the east deck, which never offered a single pea in their collective lives, have finally wilted, though they haven't died as conclusively as the oregano.

Sally, bored as ever, atop the steps leading out to the laboratory deck. That pink ribbon on her collar was to prevent her from being shot by hunters.

Clarence beneath the laboratory bookshelf today.

The new tea shelf, installed in its ultimate location. The hinges I'd gotten for the painting-door weren't of the correct type.

The trippy cat that will serve as a door for my tea shelf when I get the correct hinges.

Cats in the teevee room. From left foreground: Clarence, Marie, and Julius.

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