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   Sawkill driftwood
Saturday, December 9 2006
I had a business meeting somewhat east of Woodstock this afternoon, and so the best trajectory took me up Dug Hill Road, past the Ashokan Reservoir, and then across Route 28 to Zena Road. Along the way I found a surprising amount of firewood either in the right-of-way or just outside of it. First I got some nice oak pieces on Dug Hill Road well over a mile from home. Then, on my way back home, I picked up some great pieces of cut-up driftwood along Zena Road just north of where it crosses Sawkill Road (at that intersection featuring a storelike building with a sign in its window reading "NOT A STORE"). The Sawkill floods badly in this area, and driftwood from floods that came and went months ago is usually bone dry hardwood: American Sycamore, Silver Maple, or White Ash. (In Virginia, it's possible to find beautiful pieces of Black Walnut driftwood, but we're on the edge of its range up here.)

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