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Wednesday, December 13 2006
On and off today I worked on building the new shelf for my collection of herbal teas. This new shelf will be on a vertical wall on the gabled south end of the laboratory, beneath a sloping wall/ceiling that reaches from the floor all the way to the ceiling's central ridgeline. Shapes on these gabled walls tend toward the triangular, and the new shelf was to be no exception. The shelf ended up as three stacks of shelves of different height, with the tallest having four shelves, the second tallest two, and the last having only one (this last one was also only half as wide). The tallest of the three stacks will have a door covering it so as to keep light out (which is, Gretchen told me after doing some research, bad for dessicated herbs). I designed this tallest stack so that one of my paintings (measuring 19 by 37 inches) can serve as that door. In fact, the shelf will go on the wall in the place where that painting is currently hanging and eventually that very painting (one from my series of skeletal cats which hung for over a year at Charlottesville's Goth Central) will be attached to it with a set of hinges.

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