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Tuesday, November 1 2011

Gretchen had to go to work early, so I took Eleanor on her customary morning hike. We walked down the main trunk of the Stick Trail and then eastward, where a side trail loops around the peak overlooking the corn fields of Gill's Farm down on the Esopus Valley floor. Recent tropical storms and that late-October snowstorm have caused many treefalls, though it tends to be patchy. Much forest has been left undisturbed though here and there you find quarter acre lots where every tree has fallen and large rootballs have been unearthed, leaving pits of barren, rocky soil. Millions of new ecological niches have opened up for creatures that require small earthen mounds, shallow depressions, and rotting wood. The views of the Esopus cornfields have also been improved in places. For the most part, the trail system hasn't been badly obstructed, and the few places where it was have already been fixed by our neighbor Tommy (an avid mountain biker and brother of the guy who sold us our house). It's good to see that Tommy is so familiar with my trail system, which extends from a much wider-ranging (but locally less-developed) bike trail system he'd built.
Later in the day I did some much-needed office work I'd been procrastinating, such as improving my resume and doing some CTO-style paperwork for a company that is surely destined to never be.

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