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Monday, November 14 2011

I watched most of Mulholland Drive today, losing interest at some point in that long dull scene in the theatre where "No hay banda" and "everything is on tape." [I'd watch the rest of it the next day and find the odd circularity of its plot intriguing, but tonight I mostly hated it (with the exception of the ultimately superfluous bungled hit man scene).]
Ray and Nancy invited Gretchen, Deborah, and me over for dinner tonight down in Old Hurley. Ray had cooked another of his delicious pan-Asian surprises, this time built around some sort of saag curry in coconut milk. Also in attendance were four dogs: Sally, Eleanor, Ray and Nancy's dog Suzy, and Bruce of the Ginormous Head (who belongs to Ray's constantly-traveling brother Kim). Deborah, who lost her huge dog Juneau over the summer, has already gotten a replacement, some sort of hound dog about Eleanor's size. She said she couldn't bring him tonight because he possibly suffers from an infection of ringworm.
Over dinner, Gretchen mostly vented about issues at work. Though she works at a prison, it has generally been a good experience. Now, though, it's just not the same. It all comes down to other personalities and whether or not they grate on her or she grates on them.
After dinner, we all watched the first of two final championship Jeopardy matches. Ray follows the show almost as religiously as we do, and the contestants he likes are almost always the same as the ones we like. Tonight, we were all rooting for Roger Craig, tonight's winner, who earned $50,000 in just this one game. (At some point in the past year, he broke Jeopardy's all-time daily record with somthing like $77000. His hand gesticulations tonight were out of control.

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