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Sunday, November 6 2011

I made some further fixes and improvements to my field guide compiler, allowing even casual guests to create their own field guides (which, as of now, still can only be browsed via the web). It's still limited in terms of what field guides it can produce because it only has New World range data and then only for birds and mammals, but the infrastructure is in place in case I get my hands on more range data.
The most vexing problem I managed to fix involved the display of multiple separate Google Maps, each displaying a quadrangle. These were being spit out separately as lines in a table and had no communication with each other, and for some reason only the last would display a quadrangle. I had to incorporate a scanner to look through all the DIVs on the web page and re-initialize any Google Maps within them. If you want to try creating a field guide, just go here: Field Guide Creator. Sorry there's no way to interactively draw in your quadrangle; you have to know the latitude and longitude of its center and its "radius" (by which I actually mean half its width) in degrees. Also, if you screw up, only I can alter or delete it. But once created, you can populate it and perhaps crash my server in the process.

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