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Sunday, November 27 2011

I woke up this morning with an unusual pain coming from the right side of my tailbone. The pain worsened throughout the day, eventually causing me to take various drugs and retreat to the bed in hopes of sleeping it off. I suspected I'd done something bad to myself on yesterday's walks, but I couldn't remember doing anything.
This morning while I was sitting on the throne in the brownhouse, I had Nigel on my lap as usual. Sitting on my lap while I'm pinching my daily loaves is one of his favorite things to do, and he's willing to do just about anything to maintain this ritual. This became clear when his arch-nemesis Julius (aka "Stripey") showed up on the stone steps outside. There was a little of the usual growling and caterwauling (the kind that usually results in a half-hour long standoff), but Nigel suddenly felt the need to nip Stripey's incursion in the bud. Seemingly unprovoked, he leaped from my lap and threw himself on Stripey, clawing alternately with his left and right paws, pulling up tufts of fur. Stripey didn't know what to do and, when he finally got a chance, retreated three or four feet. But Nigel wasn't done; he charged and attacked him a second time. This time, when he was able to get to his feet, Stripey retreated to the laboratory, a place Nigel never goes.

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