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Sunday, November 20 2011

It was a surprisingly warm day, with temperatures reaching up into the upper 60s by late afternoon. I didn't even have to start a fire.
Gretchen continued her experiments with sourdough bread today, making several different kinds while following the infuriatingly-detailed recipes of Rose Levy Beranbaum (example: "add three cups minus one tablespoon of flour").
I made good progress on the iOS (iPhone/iPad) part of my generic fieldguide application. I'm getting to the point where I can respond to most common errors and bugs without having to resort to Google and, though I still don't really understand why it's there, I'm getting a handle on how to use Interface Builder. The hierarchies it depicts don't seem to represent what it would seem they should represent, and getting certain things to display in the correct location or with the right dimensions can often be as maddening as following a Rose Levy Beranbaum recipe. But it's like a language with lots of irregular verbs: it can be learned, but it's not easy.

This evening I drove into town to recover some of the accessories for Gretchen's new Droid smartphone, which Gretchen had accidentally left at our booth in the Olive Garden last night. The manager asked for my ID to make sure he was returning this stuff to the right person. While I was in town, I picked up some crimini mushrooms and cheap merlot for one of Gretchen's Thanksgiving recipes. I also went to Home Depot to see what my options were for covering a surface with a stiff, weatherproof material. Ideally they'd sell old highway billboards or sheets of ultraviolet-resistant plastic without holes punched in it. (I don't want it to look like a goddamn wicker trellis!) I should just keep my eye open for old metal signage; stuff like that has a way of showing up at the grimy backsides of modern retail establishments.

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