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Friday, November 18 2011

On the subject of iPhone development, I keep discovering little tricks that make the impossible suddenly possible. Sometimes when I'm trying to replicate something I've done in some other project, I run a wall. The problem with the iPhone Xcode development system (as I've mentioned before) is that it is thoroughly non-linear, and it's not possible to just run a search through two project to track down a difference. You have to know about important dropdowns hidden away on sub-editors. Today I discovered a new one: in Interface Builder, there are two "placeholder classes" called File's Owner and First Responser, and I'd just assumed that they were read-only entities (because, I've been given to believe, they stand in for things that aren't necessarily known). But no, it turns out you can set the Class of a File's Owner just like you can set the class of any other Interface builder Object. Being able to do this knocked over several stout stone walls standing in my way.
Today was a coffee day, the first one since that miserable experience after visiting New Paltz over a week ago. The pharmaceutical trajectory was better this time, with a softer (though still anxious) come down. This time I was able to successfully temper this process with alcohol, which I had found unpalatable last time I'd drunk coffee.
In other news, I began work on the painting I want to hang at KMOCA as part of their holiday show. It is of an ethereal seahorse floating in inky blue seas.

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