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   procrastination and sour dough
Saturday, November 12 2011

I spent most of the day on the iPhone end of my new generic fieldguide project. Its front end will require a complicated interface, and building it out is so overwhelming that I've had to use all the best anti-procrastination methods in my arsenal. Procrastination has many negatives, but it's made me astoundingly well-read when it comes to matters in the news, from the Herman Cain sexual harassment shitstorm to the non-athletic aspects of the Penn State child molestation scandal.

When we were in New Paltz the other day, Gretchen also got some free sourdough starter (because it wants to take over the world through the kind of exponential growth that economists think can go on forever, inevitably people end up having to throw it away). Not having ever made anything from sourdough, today Gretchen educated herself by reading some web pages and watching a number of YouTube videos. By this evening she had some dough set aside for a loaf of bread (it would have to ferment all night) as well as for two pizzas, which she prepared tonight.
Though the pizza was good, the crust wasn't anything special. It needed both salt and more, well, sourness. Next time Gretchen will be letting the dough ferment longer in the warmth at the back of the woodstove.

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