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Wednesday, November 16 2011

Normally a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine is 90 mg, but today I upped it to 120 without any negative consequences, although I have to admit that the productivity I'd hoped to get from it was somewhat elusive. It's easy to get caught in a crackhead loop when playing around with stimulants (and, since overcoming my addiction to caffeine, it applies to that as well).
After Gretchen got back from work, I went on an errand out to the Barnyard on Route 28 to get cat litter, pill pockets, and feline wet food (which Maria — aka the Baby — converts to diarrhea at a ferocious rate) . Because I want to make a contribution to the KMOCA holiday show, I went into Uptown Kingston to get some art supplies: an 18 by 24 inch canvas, black gesso, and some much-needed paint brushes. I aim to paint something other than a cat or a dog for the first time in years.
Gretchen was working on some annoying last-minute details of the book she is ghostwriting, so I volunteered myself to make another of my "bean surprises" (which, for me, always translates into burritos). As always, I added both nutritional yeast and rolled oats to the water gravy that results from cooking down mushrooms and canned beans.

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