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Wednesday, November 23 2011

We'd be having people spending the night at our place tomorrow after the Thanksgiving we'd be hosting, and, as usual, while Gretchen handled the food, I handled house preparation. Also as usual, I strapped on an FM radio and listened to podcasts broadcast by my radio transmitter as I worked, sometimes putting industrial ear protection ear muffs over the ear buds so I could continue listening despite the unnecessarily loud roar of our vacuum cleaner. (An article in the New Yorker a year or so ago claimed that Americans don't think their vacuum cleaners are getting anything clean unless they are very loud.)
Vacuuming is just one of several things I do to prepare a house for guests. This time I did something a bit more unusual: bleaching of surfaces. After cleaning up yet more mold I'd found in the basement Gunther Room, I bleached the floor of the bathroom in hopes of killing what I hope is the biggest contributor to our basement's funkiness.
I took a couple of breaks to work on my generic fieldguide iPhone application, which is now displaying blurbs and pictures of its creatures. Getting the ESRI framework to display different range maps, on the other hand, is looking like it's going to be a lot more complicated than doing something similar on a web page using Google Maps' API.

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