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   November 2011

01: patchy treefalls - Looking more closely at the changes to the forest in the aftermath of recent weather.
02: no more father - News from Virginia via my brother that my father has died.
03: gap in the generational wall - Also, Nancy brings over Chinese food.
04: talk to my mother - She finally tells me how my father died.
05: homemade injera - Also, art and seed packets in Kingston.
06: just limited by range data - Field guide compiler gets better.
07: clinging coffee buzz - Also, an evening in New Paltz.
08: for want of ballot diversity - Maybe I should always write in Gretchen's name when there isn't enough choice on the ballot.
09: vegan feast for Sullivan county folks, 2011 - Another food ethics class comes for dinner.
10: mouse projects - Sometimes they die trying.
11: morally-justified act of vandalism - Taking advantage of the statute of limitations, I tell a good story involving my father.
12: procrastination and sour dough - It's hard to develop a complex iPhone app without falling prey to procrastination. And sour dough hopes to take over the world.
13: storks carrying little bundles of diaper-soiling joy - Just another fuck you to the Baby Industrial Complex.
14: Jeopardy in the valley - Another dinner party at Ray and Nancy's.
15: upgrading old MP3s - Free music is only getting better.
16: gesso and wet food - Picking up the raw materials for diarrhea and art.
17: mushy baramins - I learn that hamster eggs can be fertilized by human sperm.
18: dropdowns hidden away - Further challenges of developing in a non-linear environment.
19: getting out of a Verizon Store - It's hard to escape without buying overpriced extras.
20: infuriating recipes - For both sourdough and iPhone interfaces.
21: alien seahorse - I finish a painting that includes neither cats nor dogs.
22: life with herbal tea - It's a beverage that it's possible to crave.
23: bleach and vaccuming - Preparing the house for another Thanksgiving.
24: Thanksgiving, 2011 - In Hurley with friends.
25: ways to heat the slab - Now I can heat it actively, passively, and even partially bypassing the heat exchanger.
26: Upper Cherrytown Road - The creepy remains of an old tree farm.
27: Nigel defends the brownhouse - He attacks Stripey nearly unprovoked.
28: Eleanor's spider web - A freaked out deer on Dug Hill Road makes dinner unexpectedly expensive.
29: six pounds in the box - I see what is left of my father and his things after his recent death.
30: sausage party at Beer Run - A rare visit with a childhood friend.